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View Diary: MA-Sen: Another lesson for Scott Brown, from the children of Massachusetts (90 comments)

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    Amber6541, Cat Servant, elwior

    and I take away the WASP bigotry.  That is not the way to engage in any debate.  Thanks for pointing my flaws as a passionate person who sometimes does not allow the shut off switch to work for my mouth and my fingers.  

    Now that I have made my apology.  So what is Scott Brown?  I can only think that he is someone who is a racist and someone who is totally ignorant of his surroundings.  Religious beliefs are ones own of course, but to degrade someone because of ethnic heritage, real or unreal, seems to me against all that religious teachings are about.   For far too long in America, we have seen that and as you pointed out, I am not as clean as the driven snow in that regard.  I am owning my short comings and my failure to try to make a point without bringing one's heritage into the picture.  You state that Scott Brown sent his daughter to Boston College and raised 5 million for the Nuns, perhaps they could school him on how to make an apology to end this kind of rhetoric.  One can only hope that someone will call him out on this as you did with me, and appeal to his sense of decensy.

    •  Brown pretends to be Catholic (1+ / 0-)
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      Religious/ethnic (tribal, but not in the Indian sense) politics still play a role in Massachusetts politics.  Brown is basically a WASP, religiously an evangelical protestant, but I think most people here think he's Roman Catholic and probably of Irish descent.  That wins votes in the reddest parts of the state, which include many areas around Wrentham, his old constituency.

      Brown's campaign, however, is disgusting.  That ad claiming falsely that Warren lied about her ethnicity is running constantly on Boston TV.  It's the centerpiece of the campaign.  No issues, just racial dogwhistles.  Either Warren's an "injun", and thus not to be trusted (by his base), or she's an "injun-lover" and that could be even worse.  He's not aiming at the undecided middle. He's targeting his campaign at the white-flight suburbs and worst elements of the last century's battles.

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