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  •  If I hear one more "pundit" (0+ / 0-)

    tell me that Barack Obama is "rusty" I'm going to get seriously pissed off.  

    Being President 24/7 is supposed to make him rusty?  As in he spends his days playing golf?

    Oh, I see, the President hasn't been on the road recently debating titans like Bachmann, Perry, Pizzaman, Gingrich, and who was that other guy again?  Oh, yeah, Romney.

    And, there's a danger that Obama might appear arrogant, not all warm and fuzzy like the loose, witty, charming, empathetic Mr. Personality himself, the Mittman.

    And it's supposed to be some sort of advantage if you're the underdog and have run the most mediocre presidential campaign ever?

    Fucken pundits.

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