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View Diary: NBC/WSJ/Marist No Real Change Post Debate in Florida/Virginia/Ohio (50 comments)

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  •  Spoke with Ohio friend last night (20+ / 0-)

    He says Ohio GOPers in his circles despise Romney... the 47% comments might resonate positively with Republicans here in the South (they do.. a LOT) but up in the Midwest, they're not as well received.

    And Romney's repudiation of his 47% comments is recognized even by Republicans as inevitable... it was the one position he'd not taken both sides of yet.

    I don't anticipate mass defection of GOPers at the polls but part-time GOPers (so called right-leaning independents) might be more wobbly.

    The pro-life fade and other walkbacks  won't hurt Romney at all, however. One, most of the offended voters will be in super-red states that will vote for him anyway. Two, Romney doesn't need the big donors anymore. The race is in its last month. He can throw other rich people under the bus now. Three, re-asserting his moderate bona fides (Clinton: Moderate Mitt! You're back. Missed you!) is a sell to right-leaners and undecideds in swing states.

    So, fine. The Republicans inadvertently nominated a pro-regulation, pro-choice moderate...who no longer has credibility as a pro-regulation, pro-choice moderate.

    Hammer home this point: This man has no credibility. No one, especially Republicans, especially his rich donors, should trust him to keep his words. He's happy to sell them out, too.

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