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View Diary: Romney's dependence on white voters is good news for Dems (10 comments)

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    I am white. Tough luck for me, huh. Whites have clearly been the biggest perps of oppression and imperialism. I carry some of the collective shame.That's why I am a Democrat, even though my heart trends to Socialism. Diversity is what we are. The GOP, through lies, has tried to pretend it is diverse, on race, gender, religion, etc. All bullshit. All people of color need to VOTE FOR OBAMA. Agreed, not perfect. But white bread lies with a straight face every time he talks Romney? Ryan, for fuck's sake? He thinks Ayn Rand has all the answers? No way. Sick, sick lady. Only the 1% could have ANY self-interest to vote GOP. Why this is even a race really makes my mind spin. It seems so obvious. Kick ass, Joe Biden. You are my hero. And Barack Obama is my President.


    by joedennis on Thu Oct 11, 2012 at 03:46:53 PM PDT

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