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  •  Holy SHIT, Biden knocked it out of the park! (8+ / 0-)

    I am just home from a long day, and I have just watched about twenty minutes of the debate.

    This was outstanding. OUTSTANDING. Biden made Ryan look like Michael Scott from the Office, trying to sell paper products.

    I literally don't have a clue what the pundits said although some of the headlines called this a "draw." Well, I just watched the debate, and frankly, this was one of the most successful debates I have seen, period.

    I don't think Biden was playing when he was laughing. That was true laughter.

    This strategy worked. Well.

    •  Don't dis Michael Scott (2+ / 0-)
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      BlackSheep1, Sue B

      Michael Scott was a good paper product salesman.  The best in the office.  That was how he got the job as manager.  Which he was horrendous at.  Lyin' Ryan should follow his lead, stay in the House where he can't cause much damage, and stay away from the big boy positions of responsibility where he is showing to be clueless.  Ryan can't even claim to be as good as MS at his salesman job, cause he didn't sell any of his BS tonite.

      Biden mentioned Willard's name more than Lyin' Ryan did tonite.  Way to go to bat for the head of your ticket Paulie.

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