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  •  PBO needs to do what he does on the stump (18+ / 0-)

    He's brilliant on the stump.  He's warm, impassioned, focused, smart and energetic.  

    He cannot at this point in his life turn into a prizefighter and we'd better not hold him to our pugilistic fantasies just for our own gratification.  But yes, he must be tough, focused and not let Romney get away with lies.  He can totally diffuse Romney with his warmth and personal connection - the qualities that bring tens of thousands to his rallies.  That Obama cannot be beaten by a robotic, soulless Mitt.

    But he will do it in an Obama-way and we'd better not do any damage by nitpicking if it isn't the Rocky scene we want it to be.  

    Not two weeks before the election.  We MUST support our candidate.  It affects everything and every down ballot race.  We have to bear some responsibility for the chill  that continued all this week.  You think Republicans are going to call Ryan weak a week from now?  Are you hearing ANY Republican not say their candidate was fucking brilliant?  

    Can we FINALLY learn how to win elections?

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