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  •  The way debates are 'scored' ... (6+ / 0-)

    By our wonderful media, most likely the best Obama can do is a tie. Romney will lie then lie some more; he will look good doing it; Obama will counter I'm sure, but there won't be any KOs either with the pundits or voters unless Obama delivers a couple of crushing points.

    It seems that's just not his style or strength.

    If he 'baracks' the debate again Tuesday night, we can chalk it.

    Two FL polls today -- yes, Raz and ARG; they suck, etc.  etc. -- show him down 4 and 2.  Also down in NH.  The crap nationals are starting to show up in the states.  If Gallup today isn't a real improvement, after last Thursday drops off, that probably means Romney has solifidied his post-debate gains.

    It's just freaking unbelievable on multiple levels.

    And it's not the media's fault or Kos commenters' fault.

    Deliver, and Democrats will say so: witness last night.

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