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  •  I met Joe Biden in the 90s… (20+ / 0-)

    I was part of a small group of auto workers who spent the morning with him and Carl Levin. Yes, Biden was Biden in the debate. This was easy for him. Newt was right in that it is impossible to legitimately debate someone who is willing to say anything because he believes in nothing, in other words is a liar and arrogant bastard. Biden, besides being much more intelligent and on the right side of the issues, has an arrogant streak of his own, one he seemed to try (pretty unsuccessfully at the time I met him) to control. All he had to do with Ryan was unleash his inner, normally controlled, arrogance and biting self. It was beautiful.
         But Obama is a different man, plus a sitting President. He strikes me as, at the core, a humble man (if enabled with brains, wisdom and confidence). And I would guess there is a little of the turn-the-other-cheek (the first time) to his nature. While I believe this put him at a distinct disadvantage as to style in the first debate (something I consider pretty irrelevant myself), I thoroughly expect him to be able to justify whatever is needed from this point on.
         I personally thought even more of Obama after the first debate. I wonder how many others would have if is weren't for all the hair being pulled out on the left. With friends like that on DK, who needs enemies, or trolls.

    I'm voting for the UPPITY ONE

    by qua on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 09:26:51 AM PDT

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