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View Diary: Abortion: Raddatz Elicits Ryan's Unvarnished Position (16 comments)

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  •  Ryan is an ideologue (12+ / 0-)

    which means he is dedicated to ideas but not so much to how these ideas play out in real life.  In the play, "Hamlet" Horatio is chided for his idealism or ideaism.  Ryan would do well to understand that "there are things not dreamt of in your philosophy"

    In real world terms, this means  reality based assessment of the effect of your proposals.  For example, he would turn Medicare into a voucher system.  This would double the net worth of the major insurance carriers without increasing the amount of healthcare or quality of healthcare.  Management already consumes some 30% of each dollar spent for healthcare.  This would increase under a voucher system.

    We have already seen the failure of MC+ programs where private carriers opined that they could deliver comparable care for less money than the government.  Instead these costly plans actually decreased access to healthcare (example: MC+ refused to pay RHCs and FQHCs their enhanced rates; the difference was claimed as being cost effective when they were in effect violating the contracts these clinics had and a good many closed due to the revenue loss) and actually cost more than classic MC.  Wonder why Ryan does not want to discuss the failure of MC+.

    The answer is he is a big idea guy; like Newt, he cannot be bothered with minutiae.  This means he has little idea of how MC works or even what the program is.  His ideology is like a religion, in that he has to follow its precepts, regardless of what the real world data tells him      

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