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View Diary: Romney claims "No One Dies" from lack of Health Insurance (46 comments)

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  •  Most heart attack sufferers who die (14+ / 0-)

    do so before they can even get to the hospital, which is why proper medical prevention and treatment of heart disease and conditions like diabetes that increase the risk of a heart attack are essential.

    I wish Mr Romney could meet my father, an uninsured legally blind man who died in bed at age 58 of a massive heart attack. Given that his father died of a diabetic-related heart attack at age 58, my father should have had regular monitoring for these conditions, but he could not afford it. He did not choose to take Medicare when he first went on to social security disability and decades later said the premiums were too expensive.

    I am sure they would not have let him die had he made it to the hospital. After all, my grandfather made it to one after his first heart attack, and they were more than happy to give him a quadruple bypass that bankrupted him before they wrote off the rest of the debt.

    I have what most people would consider to be fairly good insurance, for which we py high premiums. In fact, next year the company is only offering high deductible plans, with a $4800 per family deductible and 20% coincidence rates. That is going to make paying for my diabetes care very expensive.

    But nobody dies of inadequate medical care when they have insurance, right?

    Romney is so rich that he has no clue how people with no health insurance or no health insurance manage their medical needs. I do. They skip prescription refills and follow up visits. They wait to see whether injuries heal on their own or whether antacids will fix the chest pain. They do more damage to themselves by trying to relieve unabating pain with excessive doses of over the counter medications because they can't afford to find out what's causing the pain and even if they did find out, they could not afford to treat it.

    I spent almost my entire childhood without health insurance and with the most minimal health care. I broke my collarbone at age 7 and had to wait a week before my parents acknowledged the huge lump wasn't going away on it's own and took me to the doctor. I fell on rusty nails, which my stepmom cleaned with hydrogen peroxide instead of a tetanus shot and hoped for the best. When my little sister fell down the stairs and was listless, my parents took her to the ER, which refused to do x-rays and said it was probably the flu and sent our uninsured family home. The next day, when my stepmom took her back and refused to leave until they x-rayed her leg, she did finally get her broken leg treated, so Romney is right -- they didn't just let her die. But we did have to lose our house and take out loans to pay for it. It wasn't free.

    Then there are people like my boyfriend, who is out of work despite a master's degree and pays $250 a month for a crappy policy in case of an emergency. Meanwhile, his ankylosing spondylitis goes untreated and he lives in pain every day. But at least he's not dead, right?

    People die of insurance malpractice, and they die of lack of insurance. Many more just suffer, because the emergency room doesn't treat ankylosing spondylitis or herniated discs or bone spurs. But I guess Romney is ok with that, because it's nobody he hangs around with, is it?

    We Won't Let Republicans Replace Medicare with GOP Vouchercare!

    by CatM on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 06:56:15 AM PDT

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