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View Diary: Sorry, Republicans, Joe Biden is still smiling (243 comments)

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  •  Yet the pundit class fails... (2+ / 0-)
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    All I heard last night and this morning was about Biden's faces.  The Village was in full force making it seem like it was a draw and that Biden may have hurt with indies because of his faces and aggression.  What bullshit.  The reason why Bden was making those faces is because Ryan was lying right through his teeth and the Vice President knew he was and couldn't wait to jump in to call him out on all hs lies and distortions.  To me, that's a natural reaction.  It's funny that now of the analysis this morning focused on the outrageous lies that Ryan was telling.  These guys are liars and it was about damn time someone told it to them in their face.  I look for the same from the President next week.  

    •  It won't stick (0+ / 0-)

      Joe wasn't looking down on Ryan personally just on his stupid policies.  No matter how many clips they play, they will just see Joe amazed and incredulous at Ryan's lies.  There is no there there.  It doesn't reinforce any narrative about Joe other than he kicks ass!

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