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  •  Not just the uninsured (19+ / 0-)

    My business owner mother had health insurance in the individual market but ....she wouldn't use it from about age 60 on.  She put off needed diagnostic cardiac tests and other treatment.  Why?

    Because she was afraid that merely using her insurance for ANYTHING would push her and her husband's rates through the roof.  Her thought was that it was better to have a heart attack and have it be covered, then to get diagnosed and have them jack your rates through the roof and you have no choice b.c you have a pre-existing condition or maybe get dropped or lose your coverage and THEN have the heart attack.  So she had it, but she couldn't use it.

    A lot of INSURED folks put off important preventive and diagnostic care until they are on Medicare when it becomes "safe" to get preventive care - even though getting that care early would have saved everyone money.

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