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  •  Seniors Swindled by VoucherCare (0+ / 0-)

    I totally agree with you. We need to come up with a buzz word(s) for this concept. At 54 I have been shopping and buying my health insurance since end of 2007.  It's a nightmare our here already. God forbid you want the freedom to move to a new State and you find out you start from scratch.

    Between my mothers Medicare Advantage and my high deductible health care ... it makes me sick to even think about the headache, heartache, telephone time, follow up time etc I have had for both of our bills. My mom passed away last year and with two 'billing errors' it took me forever to clear up the bill.

    IT ALREADY IS A NIGHTMARE. It will only get worse. It's impossible to stress how difficult dealing with this was.

    I am fairly young, had time due to not working, had a telephone billing background and am sturdy and it's been very difficult.

    VoucherCare is a cruel and ugly concept. It's only the ignorant and the heartless that would promote this.

    Medicare must evolve.  The first step is to put in strict fraud prevention procedures that include checks and balances.

    Last but not least I recommend anyone still on Medicare Advantage don't wait till it goes away to get off it. From our experience if you have a critical event all the benefits of the 'advantage' fly out the window as you learn that you have signed you medicare rights away and are under 'managed' care...managing their profit and not you or your loved ones health.  imho.

    A thought Why not practice mindful speech by using Socrates' triple filter. Ask yourself: Is is true? Is it kind? Is it helpful?

    by thatwhichisgood on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 11:36:46 PM PDT

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