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View Diary: Paul Ryan shows he hasn't given up on privatizing a chunk of Social Security (75 comments)

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  •  Privatized Social Security would lead to everyone (0+ / 0-)

    over 40 spending their day watching stock prices and their Soc Sec investment values.

    The Boss's secretary at the company I worked at received stock options which vested after a required hold period (say 3 years). When I asked her why she sold her options the day they vested, she said she couldn't stand to watch the stock price go up and down because she would calculate the impact on her (modest) personal balance sheet. She said it made her sick every time the price went down and worried when the price went up.

    Now extend that kind of financial worry to an entire nation of working people AND every single retired person. Even if they avoid the risks of day-trading, bad investment advice, market crashes, and thieves, they will carry the "I could have done something differently" burden for upwards of 4 decades. The anxiety level would only increase up to retirement and turn into absolute paranoia at retirement.

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