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View Diary: Debate ratings plunge 74% from 2008 (60 comments)

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  •  Quick Follow-Up - Add in the Cable News Ratings (0+ / 0-)

    So estiamted 29.3 million viewers on majors.

    What about the Cable News ratings?

    Huge numbers, FauxNews getting the nod as the leading network for the Veep debate.

    9:00-10:30PM (actual debate)

    FNC: 10,019,827 in total viewers (3,057,099 in 25-54)

    MSNBC: 4,378,671 in total viewers (1,619,542 in 25-54)

    CNN: 4,145,951 in total viewers (1,523,882 in 25-54)

    18.5 million.
    This is no longer a "low" outlier in terms of viewership for a Veep debate.

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