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  •  meh, the info is out there (4+ / 0-)

    the American public will either go with Obama or the scoundrel Rmoney.  

    I'll vote for Obama but I think both candidates have done enough to show that they hold different views on very important issues.  If the American public wants to increase defense spending by $2 trillion, cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans by 20%, send our troops into Syria and escalate in Afghanistan, and turn Medicare into a voucher program, it is on them.  

    I'm not one to sit around and blame the candidates for losing, especially when their are clear policy differences easily recognizable to anyone who pays attention.  I didn't blame Kerry or Gore and I won't blame Obama.  That is just me.  

    I can't get upset about someone losing the "optics" of the race.  If we're such a shallow people, we'll get a shallow government.  I'm already saving to help my mom pay for her future medical bills.  I'd suggest if you are able, you do the same for your elderly relatives as well.  

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