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  •  Sorry, I don't believe that. Too risky. (8+ / 0-)

    Unfortunately it didn't go well. ( I prefered Pres. Obama because of substance but on the optics I agree it didn't go well.)

    The debate team probably decided on a strategy of "no attack" Make no mistake if President Obama didn't attack on the 47% or on Bain it was because it was DECIDED in advance.

    Whatever the strategy was, it didn't work obviously.

    I think that President Obama, Axelrod, Messina, Plouffe are all data people, analytic people. They probably overanalyzed their data on the different target groups, on what polled well, etc...
    They concentrated on the trees instead of the forest. They possibly didn't think enough about all the different scenarios of the debate, including a complete transformation of Romney as a centrist. Add to that a President who probably lost sleep and preparation time because of the Syrian/Turkey crisis, and it ended up in a disappointing result.

    The good thing is they learned a big lesson I think. And apparently they have added other people on the debate prep team. I hope they chose people who have a more holistic view of things, who don't get bogged down in details, who have a good populist instinct.

    People like Bill Clinton, Joe Biden can help. But it's clear Barack Obama shouldn't copy Clinton's style or Biden's style. Because of his age and the color of his skin, it wouldn't work anyway. No he has to readjust and simply be more assertive while being himself.

    Last note: can we PLEASE accept that Romney is a hell of a challenge, much more than Ryan who looks like a little boy? Can we say that if Barack Obama doesn't "mop the floor" with him it doesn't mean that he's weak ?  Presidential debates, especially when the moderators are not strong, favor the bullies and the bullshitters. Although I suspect Romney won't be as aggressive in the next debates: it will all be about creating the illusion of a reasonable, conciliatory, credible "President". The White and older Obama. Good news is that if Romney plays it like that, President Obama will have more of a level playing field.

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