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  •  A bittersweet memory for me as my father passed (2+ / 0-)
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    Diogenes2008, CuriousBoston

    away just 2 months later (01/02/2009) and didn't get to witness the inauguration. We often didn't get along too well, but we both admired and voted for Obama and sat next to each other watching that night and shared a bottle of champagne at 9pm MT. My dad moved our family from England in 1957 to Canada then the US and we all became citizens in 1970. He loved America, but hated the bush/cheney regime - I was so pleased he got to see Obama elected. I cry every time I see that video and I enjoyed this diary.

    I live in an Obama-hating, tea-party county in the great state of Montana, but I'm always trying to persuade the more independent/libertarian types to vote for their own interests and vote democrat.

    Thank you and let's get Obama re-elected.

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