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  •  Here's where you are wrong (0+ / 0-)

    "Clearly there are no certainties, only approximations that asymptotically approach completeness without ever quite getting there.  "

    No. The approximations do not asymptotically approach completeness. They approach accuracy under given conditions. One new and unexpected observation and we might have to throw everything out and start over.

    Except we wouldn't have to start over. The old theory still works the same as it ever did. Like Newton's theories of gravity. We know now that it isn't really like that, but as I keep mentioning we still use the theory.

    It seems like you are confusing the map for the territory. You seem to think that human ideas such as theories map directly to the universe in a one to one way, such that, if the map is accurate, for all intents and purposes, the map is identical to and indistinguishable from the territory it describes.

    Except that the universe is not made up of "things" like human ideas are. The human mind makes sense of the universe by dividing it up into parts and explaining the characteristics of those parts. In reality, there are no parts. All boundaries are illusionary, existing only in the human mind, in the definition, not in reality.

    Reality is a continuum. It is ever changing. And by ever changing, I mean, never one thing long enough to even be called a "thing." It doesn't stop changing, like consciousness never stops changing. It's not a thing, it's a process.

    You need to stop thinking in terms of "correct and incorrect" and start thinking in terms of "makes accurate predictions under known circumstances."

    Other intelligent species may have entirely different theories that accurately describe phenomenon like gravity, like Newton's, but that are entirely wrong in a different way from Newton's, while still being useful, like Newton's.

    I am agnostic, not atheistic. However, I would say my theory of Gods goes beyond atheism. While there may or may not be a God or God's, the answer to that question can't possibly matter at all to how I live my life.

    God may or may not exist, but who cares? In fact, I don't even find the question interesting.

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