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View Diary: How I fell out of love with Halloween (139 comments)

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    Yes, it's just another sign of how our culture has devolved into cheap sensationalism.  

    As you say, Halloween is not about mystery anymore;  an acknowledgement of the unnerving reality of the "Other World" that can be closer than we'd like to think.

    Now it's about gore.  And not just that, consumerist gore.  Yuck.

    I devote every October to Ray Bradbury.  It's a bit poignant this year because this is the first October in my life in which he isn't here.  Right now I'm reading a book of his plays, and we're going to watch Fahrenheit 451 and Something Wicked This Way Comes soon.

    I agree about the teenagers.  I have great sympathy for the "dorky" kind of teenagers who make a real conscious effort to hang on to childhood, imagination, and all the things that are starting to be rejected as "uncool" by their conformist, peer-pressuring friends.

    To me, they are the ones who are genuinely cool, and show the most youthful wisdom.  (And I'm not embarrassed to say I was one of them!)

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