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  •  Until this year, Halloween has been a neighborhood (0+ / 0-)

    extravaganza at our house.   We don't have any kids, but we enjoyed making a thrilling, chilling graveyard experience out of our front yard.   It grew more every year.   Neighborhood parents always expressed such delight and appreciation for what we did for all their kids.  We gave out spooky cookies and hot cider to everyone, too, as well as the candy.  

    We had a copper fire pit burning that we sat around in scary costumes to welcome everyone.   XM radio has a Halloween-scary-sound channel that broadcasts all night that night, so we had boom boxes around blasting howls and screeches and horrific sound effects.   We had a fog machine that drifted a ground fog over the graveyard that had ghouls flying around and coming outta the ground.  Glowing, glowering carved pumpkins.   Spider webbing over all the shrubs.

    So, yeah, our extravaganza was really for age 6+.  It was a bit too realistically scary for the little ones.  We had one toddler (about age 3) last year that came up the driveway to us with his parents, took one look at us and around him, and went screaming back down the driveway.    His parents were laughing as they ran after him.  Ah well...

    Sometimes the neighbor-parents would come back after getting the kids home and sit around the fire with us, visiting and drinking hot cider.   They loved it.   It really was a spectacle.   In 2008, we had a carved Obama pumpkin (very well done!).   That's when we found out all of our neighborhood was voting for Obama.

    But after last Halloween was over, we decided, that's it.  We're done.  Not doing it anymore.  We fell out of love with Halloween, too.  

    So right now, as I write this, we are putting our whole Halloween collection out at the end of the driveway for the neighbors to come and take whatever they want.  We don't want any of it anymore.  I'm planning on not even turning on the porch lights for Halloween this year.  Sorry, kids, no trick-er-treat here.

    Teenagers trick-er-treating?  Yeah, we had a few.   More like tweenagers.   They were always sweet and polite, though.  Just having a lark.   Although last year we had a gaggle of tweenage girls who really seemed to be on something.   But they were having fun, so, so what.

    Honestly...I think we just looked around and decided that we didn't want to help advance the idea of death and ghouls and horror anymore.   Especially helping to implant those images in very young minds.  I know they see worse on TV and DVDs and video games.   But, we just wanna stop contributing to the darkness, for our part.

    I hear ya.  We fell out of love with Halloween, too.  :)

    •  Here's a photo of some of it. (2+ / 0-)
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      solliges, The Marti

      Not quite as effective or dramatic as it was at night with the spooky lighting and torches lit, fog on the ground, ghouls menacing and flying around, scary sound effects and blinking eyes in the bushes and darkness on the perimeter.  This is just the entrance to our "graveyard".   Kids could look in from the gate here, or come for the full effect from up on our front deck overlooking the scene.  They loved it.  ;)

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