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View Diary: Excluding GOP polls, still looking good for Dems (84 comments)

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  •  Which pollsters did you eliminate? (1+ / 0-)
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    I would assume Gravis, WeAskAmerica, but what about Rasmussen, Purple Strategies (haven't seen lately)?

    That ARG poll in NH was nasty.  They aren't the most reputable pollster but not really a GOP one.  Outlier?

    •  The ones you said I eliminated (0+ / 0-)

      Purple Strategies has had no recent polls. ARG I eliminated, their track record is awful from 2008 and even RCP didn't start listing them until they started cranking out pro-GOP outliers.

      There were a couple others, off the top of my head, FMW/Baydoun which had a poll showing Romney up 15 in Florida and Susquehanna which is the polling company of the PAGOP.

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