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View Diary: Obama TV Ad: Women Need to Know the Real Mitt Romney's Plans to Take Away Their Health Decisions (22 comments)

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  •  They want their religion in public, let it show. (4+ / 0-)

    It makes me angry to see injustice and persecution, and moreso against groups that I know are being actively persecuted.  Implicitly, I understand that if they ever succeed in their campaigns against any of these groups, they may very well turn their hateful spite towards me, or just redouble it on someone else they're already targeting.

    Criticize their religion.  They want it to be in their public life, fine.  Let's talk about how their religious views justify slavery, excuses racism, demands sexism, endorses bigotry.  Both in the past, and even to this day.

    Let's talk about how their ideology opposes everything good that has ever existed.  Let's talk about how major social improvements have never developed out of religious movements, but only out of secular causes.

    Religion is not the source of ethics or morality.  In every case, religion comes out with surprising revelations of ethics long, LONG after secular society conquers the debate.  They desire to revise history to claim otherwise, but it is false.  Secular reasoning and secular arguments bring us justice.

    I guess I've been a little more pissed off about this recently.  But I'm tired of reading about David Barton and Todd Akin and Paul Broun and, and, and....

    It's time to call out what they're doing.  It's time we recognize what they are.  Nihilists.

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