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View Diary: The End of Economic Growth, Economic Inequality, and Class War (25 comments)

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    The "elites" figured this out waaaayyy back in the 1960's. With anti-discrimination laws on the books, and with the rise of the women's movement, America's permanent underclass was in danger of disappearing. If the industrial middle class kept its share of the wealth, then women and minorities could only increase their piece of the pie by taking from the wealthy. Thus the proliferation of well funded right wing groups and conservative think tanks with their attacks on equal pay legislation and affirmative action. As time went on, the simple racial "Southern strategy" of the early 60's evolved into the union busting, divide-and-conquer strategy of the 80's.

    With the likelihood of  a limited growth Japan-like situation in the near term, and the declining numbers of old angry white people, the "elites" have embarked on a full blown, scorched earth policy to undo not only the gains of the 60's, but to destroy the New Deal as well. If we don't stop them now, it's back to 1873 we go!

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