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View Diary: "Romney Resumes Campaign; Obama Deals With Storm" -- PERFECT HEADLINE on Today Show (174 comments)

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  •  still, asshat says "the President seems to believe (2+ / 0-)
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    PorridgeGun, Ian Reifowitz

    that the best POLITICS is to stay off the campaign trial"

    yes, lets label Obama's decision to DO HIS JOB as polical.


    Christie seems to be just "doing his job" and has dropped interest in the campaign as well....basically overtly saying "I don't give a F about the campaign".

    People take it at face not question his reasons for wanting to be focussed on his people who are hurting.

    I know it's not the perfect analogy and that Christie may have political calculations going on in the other direction but in general the media treats him as if his concern for the hurt people is sincere.

    Obama is dissed here. I've grown to really dislike Chuck TOdd.

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