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View Diary: White Woman in Pickup Truck Gave Obama Supporters Clandestine Thumbs Up Her Husband Couldn't See (238 comments)

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  •  Yes I was lucky as I am in that boomer age range (1+ / 0-)
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    but my parents were very good to us and never laid a hand on us. They are very dedicated parents who taught us to be sensitive, kind, and compassionate to others.
    Also my dad, a Korean War era Marine, told his daughters..

    You can do anything a man can do. Never let anyone tell you how to live your life.  Never let a man control you.
    And never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something because you are a woman. And whatever you do, do not let men put you down or try to hinder your independence or free thinking.

    And Dad was the child of the depression and raised in a single parent home and grew up in dire poverty. He never knew his father so he worked extra, extra hard to be a good dad, that is all he wanted out of life. In the end, I was able to tell him he did it all and he did it well and I could never have asked for a better dad.

    But a lot of my Boomer peers who are my friends were raised differently or have lost so much of themselves via marriage or life has worn them down or their familiies have knocked them down.  I feel so badly for them.

    I think that is another reason Dad and Mom really valued and helped us pursue a higher education and our masters degrees, to insure we could be independent and not have to rely on a man and if things went sour in a marriage or we felt unhappy or repressed, we could leave and be OK.  

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    by wishingwell on Sun Nov 04, 2012 at 02:10:48 PM PST

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