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  •  It shouldn't be a matter of hope.. (4+ / 0-)
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    It should be a feature of the design that voters who want to vote for Obama automatically are encouraged to vote down ticket as well, and conversely, those who want to vote for (say Donnelly) are encouraged to vote for Obama. I think this has happened in many instances, although it isn't mentioned in the OFA memo quoted in my diary.

    People need to understand there is relatively little a President can do without at least a minimally supportive congress. This used to be part of the taken for granted consensus of US politics pre-tea party.

    But, not surprisingly, when the Tea Party says it wants  to destroy the Fed Government, it means what it says. And it has very nearly succeeded on the debt ceiling and various other budgetary stand-offs. This is no way to run a business, never mind a first world country.

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