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View Diary: By All Means, Let The GOP Blame Hurricane Sandy (103 comments)

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  •  It is their IDEOLOGY Sandy blew away (5+ / 0-)

    The Repugnant "Sandy blew away Mittmentum" fable is dangerous.

    First, if Nate Silver is correct, whatever "Mittmentum" Romney tap-danced up in debate # 1 was jerked offstage by Joe Biden in the VP interview, then sacked and burned by Obama's stellar performances in # 2 & # 3.  

    Yet recall Obama's great moment, "fewer horses and bayonets?"

    Obama's comment was a way to illuminate both fact and policy.  

    (To be clear enough even for a Republican: our US Navy
    currently has 11 "carrier strike groups" any one of which is more than capable of destroying every WW I Navy combined, not to mention ending life as we know it on Planet Earth).

    Yet the day after the Prez skewered Romney on a bayonet, the media was out counting bayonets, and not discussing (1) the right wing fixation on numbers rather than quality of weapons; (2) the enormous PLANETARY strategic superiority of the US Military.

    We're seeing the same with the Repugnant talking points about Sandy and Mittmentum.

    Yes, Sandy had an effect on the election, to Mitt's detriment.

    And that's not because it interrupted Mitt's narrative, but because it trumped it.  [ Pun intended ]

    The Obama administration has always been about "good government," whether it is trying to close Gitmo, lower the cost of health care, make health care available to all, hunt down Osama, or prepare for national-scale natural disaster.

    By contrast, the Repubs are not about good government, they're about no government, and Mitt's claim it is immoral for the Feds to provide disaster relief reverberated around the land, thanks to Sandy, bringing home to any sentient voters from California's earthquake zones the hurricane zones of the East Coast that Mitt would gut the government's ability to help.

    It is that horrible policy which will (hopfully) sink Mitt.  And WE need not to let that the policy is so very wrong be drowned by Republicans working to divert media attention to process instead of policy.

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