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View Diary: Tuesday, I cast my first Democratic ballot ever (169 comments)

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  •  Diaries like this give me hope (9+ / 0-)

    Thank you so much for sharing your political journey!

    My own journey was somewhat similar, though I was less activist when I was more pro-conservative, and since I am Canadian things were a bit different for me.  I grew up admiring Pierre Trudeau and the Liberals in Canada and I always was a bit more socially liberal, but when it came to US politics I was a fan of what Reagan had done.  To simple-minded little me he defeated Communism.  He was the badass who would rather fire air traffic controllers than give in to them.  Yeah!

    I graduated from a business school and they drummed all sorts of conservative fiscal values in my head.  I was so anti-union.  I looked at all these graphs and thought free trade was the way to go, and believed in the power of markets to fix everything.  That carried through to me supporting George W. Bush in 2000, and even for his war in Iraq.

    For me it I think the final lightbulb moment was when there were no WMDs, and Rumsfeld disbanded the Iraqi army.  Suddenly I could no longer defend these guys as the steady, experienced hands at the tiller.  These guys were idiots.  And more and more I came to realize that they were not only idiots, but rampant liars about pretty much everything, and instilled with a searing hatred that I could not relate to.  By 2004 I was full-fledged Democrat when it came to US politics.  I actually don't think that highly of Democrats overall, but having said that they are light years better than the Republican alternative, and at least sometimes they fight the good fight.

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