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  •  I was a former local Young Republican leader (13+ / 0-)

    in the 1980s. A moderate Republican who could not bare to vote for a Republican for President. Or Governor. But I attended Reagan's inauguration in 1985. I did no work for Reagan but I had friends who included me on the list of guests from Illinois to go to the Inauguration. Had a great time, met George H.W. Bush and met some insanely scary people. Like arms dealers in a bar in Georgetown. Now it was incredibly cold that week and a lot of events were cancelled. But the inaugural balls went on.

    Now did I feel funny going to these events without paying or doing any work or voting for the man. Hell no!!! And I left the Republican party very shortly after that.

    In 1992 I volunteered for Clinton. And I joined my local township Democratic Party. I worked on a number of campaigns, including Tammy Duckworth's first run for Congress. I was an office holder in my township and county Democratic groups. And I actually worked for Democrats and voted Democratic. It took getting married to a smart women who pointed out the basic flaw in my thinking. If you are going to vote Democratic stop thinking of yourself as a Republican.

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