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  •  Ain't that the truth (5+ / 0-)

    I've been a Democrat since I could vote - and spent a year out of college working on the Hill in D.C. during the Clinton years.  One thing I will never forget was the realization then that it was the Democrats who viscerally understood the potential for cruelty and oppression in the world and fought for fairness ---- and it was actually the Republicans who seemed to live in this ideal rainbows-and-lollipops fantasy-land where everyone can just pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and the government shouldn't be in the business of helping people.  

    I just found it so funny, given how often liberals are accused of being starry-eyed idealists.  Red pill, indeed.  Heh.

    Kudos to you, and the diarist.  This is probably the best, most succinctly-written conversion story I've ever heard, actually.  Thanks, John, for sharing.

    (And yeah, welcome to the good side!  Still laughing about team I Give A Shit About Other People.)

    War is NOT a preventative measure.

    by demandcaring on Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 05:04:27 PM PST

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