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  •  sorry, but i'm a tad confused. (0+ / 0-)

    you say:

    (To give an idea of where I was coming from, my heroes were RFK and JFK, in that order)
    neither republican, and neither with particularly republican leaning agendas. how, exactly, does that reconcile with you being a republican from an early age. i ask, because, from roughly that point forward, the GOP became increasingly in the grip of the rightwing crazies, beginning with barry goldwater, in the 64 election, of the famous single-run "Daisy" commercial.

    RFK/JFK represented the polar opposite of the GOP, hence my real confusion here. i might add, i'm old enough to have actually been conscious, when all that was going on.

    •  What I was getting at (0+ / 0-)

      Is that, even though I was pursuing a Republican agenda, my mind was toward the same goals as the Kennedys. If you go back and read a lot of Newt's stuff pre-1994 and in that 1994 campaign, it's very similar in its desire to see America (a) change and (b) be a great beacon of hope for everyone, including the poor.

      It turned out to be crap, but I had already bought into it. Took me how many years to un-do that line of thinking?

      If you could get a copy of my high school yearbook, you'd see my personal quote is from RFK. And if you were to talk to anyone who knew me from any time in my adult life, they'd tell you I was a pain in the ass of a Republican!

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