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  •  I went through the same process 4 years ago (2+ / 0-)
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    johnthorpe, Lawrence

    I'm likely 4 years older than you, John, in that my first presidential vote was in 1992, for Bush Sr. and I voted for the Republican ticket straight down the line in every election through 2004.  Yes I voted for Bush the Dumber twice.  I know.  

    I followed a similar path as well, first abandoning Republicans on social issues then on the war (but not until after I cast my vote in 2004) and finally, on the economy.  For me, it was actually 2005 that was the turning point -- starting with the Terry Schiavo mess and ending with the much more critical poor response of the Bush administration to Katrina.  I found Daily Kos around that time, or a year or two earlier, so I'm sure that had some effect.  But really the gross incompetence of the Bush administration turned me off to Republican governance and yet, as you mentioned, it was still pretty easy to believe that "Republicans have better plans for the economy", just because I grew up during Reagan's "booming" economy and believed all the right wing lies I heard for many years.  

    After the collapse of the economy due in no small part to conservative economic policies, it's become ever more obvious to me that conservative economics -- whatever they are exactly -- do not work in the real world.  For almost all Americans except the super-rich.  I was voting for Obama anyway in 2008, the first Democratic president I voted for, and I truly believed the rest of the country who voted with me in pretty much a landslide that year would also come to see the folly of conservative economics like I did.  The country was already pretty much with the Democrats on social issues and the war.  And yet, in the past 4 years, we've seen a rightward lurch in both the politics of economics and in some ways, the legislation, where Obama's signature bills (the stimulus and health care) were much more conservative than I would have liked.  Yes, a lifelong conservative had become a diehard liberal (damn that Daily Kos!)  Anyway, it still surprising me to this day that other intelligent people have yet to see the folly of the conservative belief system, even as they've gone so far to the right as to almost go off the rails completely.

    But congratulations, John, I know it's hard to question long-held belief systems, especially if they turn out to be wrong.  Welcome to your future!

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