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    Apparently the turnout inTexas was extremely low: You say that "The GOP was up less than 100k votes over 2008, but the Dems were down 239k votes."
    Alan Grayson,  one of our very own, just re-won his House seat in Central Florida, and in a long interview on The Daily Beast he explained how he did it: turnout, turnout, turnout!
    I don't live in Texas, but it seems to me that you have a sensational opportunity there, and that is simply to get your people to the polls!
    Grayson says, if I correctly recall his statistics, that the change in percentage from WHAT HE LOST BY in 2010 and WHAT HE WON BY  in 2012 is the biggest turn-around in the history of the House of Representatives-- and he didn't change his outspokenly liberal views by one pixel! He ascribes his victory entirely to GOTV.
    Doesn't that tell you something? Shouldn't you be starting to prepare for 2014 now?

    •  For Texas it is two things (1+ / 0-)
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      turnout - which means re-energizing democrats like we were in 2008 thanks to that awesome primary.

      2) Advertising. The airwaves in Texas are all GOP messaging. That playing field must be countered. For the swing states, the needle may not move much, but it might be more effective in a less saturated environment. At the very least there has to be a competing message.

      So yes 2014 planning starts now at the precinct level to get votes out form the democrats who did not vote this time.

      The Spice must Flow!

      by Texdude50 on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 05:30:13 AM PST

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