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  •  I tend to disagree. They tried that these last (4+ / 0-)

    two election cycles now.  I believe that President Obama will be more forceful this term. He will remind the obstructionists left in Congress that he has nothing to lose, but they do.  If they take us to the brink again, he just needs to say the electorate will be reminded of their games in 2014.  We saw what happens when the right tried once again to scare people and suppress their votes.  They have awakened a sleeping giant, and if we don't get complacent like we did in 2010, we will see great progress these next 4 years.  The Tea Party had their experiment fail.  They will think Romney lost because he wasn't far enough to the right, but he lost because he was a poor candidate.  They will continue to shoot themselves in the foot as long as Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Donald Trump call the shots.  

    •  I hope you are right. (0+ / 0-)

      But if Dems can take progressive votes for granted, they will pay no consequences for delivering the anti-worker agenda of their billionaire sugar daddies. If the left base doesn't organize and raise hell, Obama will deliver a shitty "grand bargain" that will cut medicare and SS benefits. He has already admitted that this is his goal.

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