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View Diary: Rasmussen exposed as Republican shill (117 comments)

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    to stop using the same GOP Owned voting machines they put into Democratic voting booths. The machines are still switching votes from the true winner to the loser (and reported winner).

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      Enough of the Rasmussen bs. He needs to be called out. His polls are there to drive Republican narrative plain and simple.  He floods the media with his bull** and they take it hook line and sinker!  Let's hope 2012 exposes him for the snake oil salesmen he is! Hell I even got an anti-Obama email from this so called independent pollster! Also a special shout out to Suffolk and Mason Dixon! Or should I call them Rasmussen light. Remember Sufflok pollster David Paleologos going on Bill 0's show on FOx and claming Obama had no chance in VA, FL, and NC so his firm was going to quit polling there? Clearly Suffolk is nothing but a gop hack firm and should be discredited from this election on!

      By the way here is the link to Uncle Scott Rasmussen's list of excuses as to why he was so off this election:

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