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  •  Not that I want to toot my own horn (3+ / 0-)

    I believe the election was called 13 minutes after the polls closed out west.  

    The only reason Florida hasn't been called is because the teabaggers were so sure they would sent that ** packing, they can't accept another 4 years.  They'll drag this out as long as they can.  And make themselves a laughing stock.  

    The country has moved on even in my state of Florida.  The GOP extremist amendments went down to defeat.  The Hispanic vote galvanized for Obama.  I can say with some certainty, even some seniors finally saw the truth.  

    It's a good day in America.  No matter which way the politicians go, the people have spoken.  We have moved this country forward.  National healthcare is here to stay as is Lily Ledbetter.  The SC is secure for another generation.  "Don't ask/don't tell will not come back as the law of the land.  

    Best of all, unless the GOP changes its ways, it will be relegated to being a regional party and ultimately to the junk heap.  

    This is not a center right country.  A new generation has spoken and we're moving left.  The politicians may not catch up to us this cycle, but there is no going back.  

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