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View Diary: Congratulations to Former and Future Congressman Alan Grayson Who Wins Re-election in Florida (95 comments)

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  •  Glad to have him back (2+ / 0-)
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    OK, I'll give you the comment about the lobbyist - that one is a little out of bounds.  Can't disagree with him on any of the rest of it, though.

    Look, the Rethugs are full of people who say the most vile and disgusting things, some of it even on the official record.  We need people like Grayson in our corner, getting down in the mud with these people and fighting back for us.  Does Grayson say things that would fly at a country club?  Heck, no.  Does Grayson stand up for the things that are important to my family and me, when it counts?  You bet.  I think voters want to see that people like Grayson are fighting hard for the things we care about.

    Welcome back, Congressman Grayson.  Those words sure have a nice ring to them.

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