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    White, straight, in my 40s and couldn't be happier to see the demographic shifting. I'm frankly exhausted having listening to "my kind" go on an on for my entire life, with their typically unenlightened worldviews predicated on entitlement and the luxury of remaining ignorant to the larger world around them.

    My colleagues at work are going through something I can only characterize as an existential crisis. They were so sure of their worldview. A bit deliciously, they were so sure my predictions about the election were critically flawed. They were in my office all day Tuesday, crowing and talking smack. I felt embarrassed for them. I was so comfortable with my sense of how the day and election would go, I was able to take the high road. Come Wednesday morning, when I was vindicated and they were humiliated, I had only one visitor come to my office...and even he couldn't get beyond this "well, this isn't a mandate" meme. I just smiled warmly and tried to show sympathy for what was clearly causing him a bit of pain and confusion. He is a friend of sorts after all. He might actually be able to adjust and attenuate the anger.

    The right has their information bubble. They are comfortable in it and it is constantly reinforced by their media sources. They will continue to fail when they are forced out of the bubble, unless what they are getting inside the bubble is calibrated to come a bit closer to the real world. I think they actually believed they could continue to expand the bubble to absorb everyone elses' reality. This was obviously doomed from the start. See the post about Rachel on the rec list. Noone captures this dynamic quite like she does.

    I don't hold out much hope for most of the people on the right. I think they will just continue to be marginalized, but too slowly for my own liking. They will continue to consume energy from sources who have claimed this niche and know it will sustain their operating budgets and their pundits' salaries and egos.

    Maybe now, some people will acknowledge that math matters, science matters, eduation matters, that there is something approaching objective reality for which facts do not bend to placate our egos and calm our fears. Maybe now, the false dychotomies will get pushed back a bit. Maybe now, people won't have the audacity to claim that there actually is no difference between the observations and analysis of someone with a PhD in public policy from Oxford University (Maddow) and a bunch of self-obsessed college dropouts (Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck).

    No holding breath though. I expect they'll just run someone for VP in 4 years with an "O" on the end of his/her last name, and call that progress.

    Eagles may soar, but at least weasels don't get sucked into jet engines

    by SnyperKitty on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 09:16:44 AM PST

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