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View Diary: Twit Watch: Dylan Byers at Politico tries to kiss up to Nate Silver; Silver tells him to take a hike (246 comments)

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  •  Tuned in this morning for first time in years (20+ / 0-)

    And there was Cokie Roberts snarling about how Obama may have identified and mobilized the groups that would make up a winning coalition for the future, what he needed to do now that was much more difficult was to reach out to the present.

    I laughed out loud. You know, I'm just a school librarian driving in to work on the Day After, but Cokie doesn't recognize Real World America when it bites her in the ass. Which it did last night.

    The next person interviewed was that Bush speechwriter Michael Gersten (sp?) who admitted the Republicans had lost key demographics that would doom them unless they managed to put together an ideology that people don't loathe. I'm paraphrasing here but you get the drift.

    And now I think I can turn off NPR for another couple of years. Thanks, DK!

    •  It would be quite a feat (9+ / 0-)

      if they could turn their constituents away from racism and greed. Many of us liberals have been trying to persuade conservatives in our own circles for years, but without much success. Maybe it's genetic, heh.

      But if they could turn their party into something civilized and more just, wouldn't that be great? It would finally mean the end of the Civil War.

      I just don't see it happening.

    •  I actually do listen to NPR regularly (4+ / 0-)
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      kurt, Bob Johnson, fabucat, TomP

      and I found the coverage and analysis pretty interesting today, like interviews with Angus King and Hispanic and African American leaders. Yes, the coverage isn't always great, but I've learned how to filter certain people they regularly talk to.

      My main critique of NPR is that there's not enough critical self-analysis happening, and I'm hoping that all the talk about how Obama's coalition of minorities and young people represents the future will perhaps make them realize their own on-air talking heads resembles Rmoney's constituency a lot more than Obama's.

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