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  •  Wonder... (7+ / 0-)

    ...if she wanted it more than he did? There are the stories of her being a reluctant campaigner, but I get the sense she enjoys being "important".

    •  Or being married to an important man (2+ / 0-)
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      OleHippieChick, DvCM

      I remember from "Goddesses in Every Woman" that one of the personalities is Hera, wife to Zeus, Queen of the Gods. A major attributes given to this trait is that a lot of her identity is invested in being the wife of a very important or the most important man.

      I never got much of a sense from her of who she was as her own person, just her role as Mrs. Romney and mother of his children. Even the Dressage thing came across as the sort of thing that was appropriate for The Wife of an important man to do while he was off being important. (And I don't recall that she was even really interested in a charitable cause that held personal significance for her.) She put a lot of energy into maintaining the image of Mitt as the ideal man, husband and father.

      And until they die and Mitt gets his  own planet to rule as a god figure, the next best thing is being POTUS, the most important man in this world. Perhaps once he became the nominee she got to see the type of power he would have as President and how much of that would reflect on her.

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