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View Diary: Romney Lost Because of My Dad (76 comments)

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    My dad passed away in 2001 but was unlike your dad.  He was a bleeding liberal who I thought was going to have a stroke during the Reagan and Bush years.  I will never forget, day in and day out, walking into my parents house and my dad would have the show "Crossfire" on.  For those old enough to remember, it was one of the first opinion shows and EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, talked over each other....and my dad would be screaming at the tv!  My mother took to staying upstairs until Crossfire was over because she said that my dad was driving her so crazy watching that "crap" that she was ready to hurt him!

    (Quick story on my mom:  she was sick in the hospital when a doctor was asking questions to test her mental agility.  He asked her who the President was.  She responded "Bush.........the son.............of a bitch".  I can STILL hear the hearty laugh the doctor let out.  He said her mental faculties were fine!!)  lol

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