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  •  The L.A. County ink-a-vote does that (7+ / 0-)
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    There's a "pen" that makes a dot-sized stamp. Filled in with a single punch motion (pressing pen down activates the stamp marker.)

    The genius of this is that the form-factor hasn't changed much from a user/voter perspective. We USED to do the same thing with a pointing mechanism -- a stylus that punched a hole in the ballot card (but that would lead to hanging chads if the chad container got full). The ink a vote produces an unambiguous mark on a paper ballot without requiring the user/voter to learn a whole new system for voting.

    The old stylus was attached to the page-flip thingamabob with a metal chain. I don't know if the change in equipment amounts to only replacing the stylii with the ink stamper, and keeping the base/page flipper thingamabob, thereby creating a minimal upgrade. If so, it's a kind of minimal upgrade preserve-assets-on hand genius. Very important, given the population of Los Angeles County -- 4,883 precincts. That's a lotta equipment.

    I commend the L.A. County registrar for the change -- getting maximal unambiguous voting bang for the buck, and saving the citizens any "now wait a minute-- how does this new device work again?" usability hassles.

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