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View Diary: How to Repair the Voting System: Sec. Debra Bowen's Answer (302 comments)

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  •  Bowen is good but stops quite short (0+ / 0-)

    The 1% random audit is a joke--at best.  Too late and no way to affirm the one-to-one correspondence between the ballot cast and the one that gets tabulated.

    Here's the solution:

    1.  Yes, Optiscan in the precinct because it offers large ballot that can have at least some of the races be double-checked for accuracy--in public and not back-room partisans--  at the precinct BEFORE the ballots are mixed with the large anonymous batch.

    2.  VOTE IN THE PRECINCT if you can and only if that is not possible, then opt for a 2d class voitng method such as absentee ballot voting. and insist on hand counting, by random selection, at least a few of the races to double check the tabulation of the Optiscan (again, that is the preferred machine), and then report the tally results BEFORE the anonymous ballots are sent on their journey to the centralized batch where who knows what ingredients (ballots) can be added into the mix.

    Vote at the precinct, because we can ensure:

    a.  Real Person/One Ballot. That the person who is voting is a real person connected with one ballot and lives in a bona fide really address in the neighborhood

    b.  No Option to Spoil Legitimate Ballots. The signature cannot be thrown out by "vote remote" (which is machine created by Diebold that can calibrated tight or loose on signature matching such as is the case in Los Angeles) --and/or-- whether a person compared your signature to a signature profile created by ChoicePoint or some other contractor of the State to oversee the registration accuracy such as is the case in California)

    c.  Double Check Vulnerable Tabulation Machines. The vote tallies can be hand counted in the precinct -- at least some of the races -- to ensure the vote machines do not have a dual set of data sets (double books) --and/or-- have been violated via simple vote flip that is possible with very little computer expertise (which many official hacks -- from California, Florida, Gov't Accounting Office through to the Brennan Center for Justice has proven is possible.


    Separation of Church and State AND Corporation

    by Einsteinia on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 09:18:51 AM PST

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