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  •  Economic Spoils (12+ / 0-)

    Lots of reasons this victory was important, but for me one of the biggest has to do with the economy. The economy is turning around, and whoever won this election was going to be in a position to oversee (and get credit for) the full rebound. If it had been Romney overseeing that rebound (put in place by Obama) think about how long that reinforcement of the narrative that trickle-down supply side conservative economic crap works would be in play. Potentially for decades, we'd be hearing about how R's tax cuts brought the economy back. With Obama overseeing the recovery it gets that much harder for conservatives to argue against the obvious evidence that republican policies tanked the economy and democratic policies brought it back.

    To the victor go the spoils and in this election the spoils include getting to take credit for pulling the economy out of the toilet. The advantage of that will potentially extend well beyond the next four years.

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