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    After a few days, it's truly hit me.

    This was the comeuppance.

    The Comeuppance.

    The Law of Gravity.

    I knew Obama was going to win the entire time. I knew that Karl Rove would eventually hit the ground and splatter like the overgrown watermelon he is.

    I knew the liars and the bullshit and the media complicity wouldn't be able to float forever.

    I had no idea this was it.

    This was the watermelon hitting the ground.

    This was it.

    This was Ann Coulter saying "it is all over. There is no hope." This was Karl Rove's turkey neck jiggling. This was everyone getting laughed at.

    Citizens United was supposed to negate the people chipping in a dollar at a time. Instead, it was the Eagles picking up every single free agent to build The Dream Team two years ago. Andy Reid's reign mirrors the Repubs in a few ways.

    This was Fux...impotent instead of important. Being laughed at instead of laughed with. The long walking by that blonde to confirm Obama's Ohio and shut Rove up was the long shark jumping.

    The fact that they believed their own shit...getting high on their own supply...was how any drug dealing gang goes down. Mitt and Christie were Avon and Stringer at the end of season 3.

    This was what I was waiting 12 years for. When CNN had Frank Cuntz on, saying that Bush hit a "grand slam" with his focus group for the 2000 convention when all I heard was an illiterate cokehead drunken hick mumbling shit.

    This was Bush responding to the death of the World Trade Center...those two shadows I'd see from my own county as soon as we made the turn around exit 12 on the Turnpike and be so excited that NYC was so close to my house as a sitting like a shit-for-brained braindead flatliner who accidently sat on his fishing pole and had it ram 9 inches up his colon....then saying "I hear you" with a bullhorn and suddenly becoming G.I. Joe.

    This was Karl Rove saying that 9/11 gave the Republicans their best chance ever to solidify their control over the country. This was Karl Rove making commercials that compared a triple amputee Vietnam Vet to Osama. This was Karl Rove outing a CIA agent, a crime punishable by death, then having the CIA sell their own agent out.

    This was the media reporting every fucking word that Saddam had weapons ready to go, when it was obvious the people that wanted to Goddamned war were the people that stood to make the most money off of it....and that they were invading because it was the easiest place to invade precisely because there were no weapons.

    This was Katrina, and a Kentucky Derby official being named as FEMA chief...and the Dems did get the House and Senate against all odds. But Bush and Rove were still there. And that was the hammer getting picked up to smash the watermelon.

    Then the Credit Crisis, and the Home Crisis...then McCain - who was Bush's frienemy losing...which wasn't really Fux's choice or Rove's choice.

    Then Murdoch getting busted in England, and Citizens United, and Rove getting in with Romney.

    And Romney using every lesson learned over the past 12 years...getting Fux to pump the lies, Limbaugh to deal the lies into their fiends veins, having a corporate complicit media cover the lies, Romney believing his own lies...


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