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  •  My parents (2+ / 0-)
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    are boomers and they have gotten more liberal over the years.

    This year was actually the first time ever that my Dad has voted for the same presidential candidate twice.  And he's 63. He's voted for the Democrats since 2000 though.  But he didn't vote for Clinton in 1996 and he didn't vote for Carter in 1980.  

    My mom is 59 and has always been  very socially conservative and always been annoyed about people that game the system (i.e. welfare, Medicaid).  Maybe it is not even that they are gaming the system, but that they always got better care than my parents did buying insurance out of pocket.  But she's become annoyed over the years about the extreme social views and the rape/abortion debate has sent her over the edge.  On the other hand, she's voted consisently more Democratic than my Dad.

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