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  •  The Democrats also took away the GI Bill in 1977! (1+ / 0-)
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    However, I am sure that the truth as to why Generation Jones (people were born between 1954 and 1965) voted Republican will get buried in the revisionist horse manure that is being flung in this diary.

    The commingling of FICA receipts with general revenues occurred under a Democratic president's watch. President Johnson needed a way to hide the true cost of Project Apollo and the Vietnam War, and FICA receipts were an easy target.   The Vietnam War and Project Apollo were the cause of the stagflation that America experienced in the seventies.  They were both Democratic boondoggles.

    I spent five years on active duty, and I still had to pay for college and graduate school.  My peer group has the lowest post-service educational attainment level since WWII because a Democratically-controlled congress decided that the new AVF (All Volunteer Military) did not need a G.I. Bill of Rights (Public Law 94-502).  They gave service members who enlisted between 1/1/1977 and 7/1/1985 an unaffordable poop sandwich known as the Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP).  VEAP was too expensive and provided too little return on investment.  In fact, VEAP was such a bad deal that congress replaced it with the much more affordable and generous Montgomery G.I. Bill in 1985.  However, those who enlisted between 1/1/1977 and 7/1/1985 were out of luck.

    Whether people chose to accept it or not, the Democrats really screwed the pooch in the sixties and the seventies.  The Democratic Party left Generation Jones without hope just as the GOP has left Generation Jones’ children without hope. The Democratic Party was as corrupt and self-serving in the seventies as the GOP is today.

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