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    That's gotta smart: George W. Bush got more of the Mormon vote than Mitt Romney did. Bush in 2004: 80 percent; Romney in 2012: 78 percent.
    My neighborhood is a circle.  Picture an apple with a stem.  The stem is at the entrance to the circle, and just off the stem is a mormon church.  As a result, Romney signs have been RIFE in my neighborhood (which sits in a precinct in Fairfax County VA that went 57.60% for Obama).  It's as if, because of the church, we have a little pocket of mormonism right here in blue N. VA.

    I had a LOT of volunteer activities on Tuesday - two shifts volunteering at our polling place handing out sample ballots etc, and six folders of walk lists for GOTV in between the opening and closing poll shifts.

    During my early morning polling place volunteer shift, I have a high and low point:

    Low point: When asking a white male in a suit if he would like a Democratic sample ballot, the answer I received was "No, I'm voting for the American."  Stay classy, dude.

    High point: When a couple came up in with arms linked, took my sample ballot, leaned into and said to me, "We're Mormons voting for Obama."


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