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  •  A remark on Daily Kos and climate change. (1+ / 0-)
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    In fact, the official Daily Kos position on climate change is rather absurd.

    About the only thing that the leaders here get right is that climate change is real.

    Other than that very, very, very, very, very, very modest embrace of the obvious, the position here is frankly, very, very, very, very, very, very conservative and is involved with the 50 year old failed rhetoric that all we need to do is coat some glass with toxic cadmium telluride, and build wind turbines made out of unsustainably mined lanthanides and we'll live happily ever after, driving around in our Tesla electric cars.

    Oh yes, and then there's that magic "conservation" rhetoric, this on a planet where 2 billion people have never seen or used a flushable toilet.    

    I have heard the whining here about the "climate irresponsibility" of China and India, where the citizens had the gall to raise their per capita energy consumption to roughly 1/10th and 1/20th of Americans.

    What if we tried to give those two billion people toilets.   I predict that it would be the same as when Indians and Chinese refused to remain impoverished to avoid smug lectures from self declared "environmental" Americans.

    All of this borders on delusional.    It's bourgeois rhetoric that is a clear denial of reality.    It's so bad, that it rivals the rhetoric of the Romney campaign.

    The time for action on climate change passed 20 years ago.   Nothing will be done, and all the chanting on this website for the next four years will be as meaningless as it proved to be in the last decade.    Right now, in 2012, we are well on track to produce one of the 10 worst years ever observed at Mauna Loa for carbon dioxide increases.  

    I had a hurricane come through my town a week ago, and if nothing else, it gave me a real, real, real, real obvious taste of what is now inevitable.

    This is an anti-nuke website.   Every single front pager is an anti-nuke, although some claim not to be, before finishing up their disclaimers with a list of fraudulent anti-nuke rhetoric, including the howler that "nuclear energy is dangerous."   Compared to what, exactly?    Driving cars?   Inundating major cities with sea water?   Temperatures of 40oC/100oF for weeks on end during vast continental scale droughts in grain belts?

    If a reactor failed and killed as many people as will die in every half our period from air pollution, the crowd here would burn tens of thousands of tons of coal, gas and oil to run servers with mindless orgies of fear, ignorance and superstition.

    How do I know?    Look at Fukushima.   Has anyone died from radiation there yet?   By contrast, in the next half hour and every half hour that follows through the next decades to come, about 190 people will die from air pollution.

    But, um, nuclear power is "dangerous."

    Get real.

    I note, by the way, that neither the Secretary of Energy, a Nobel Laureate, nor the President, are rote anti-nukes.     Both have been strong supporters of nuclear energy, although hardly strong enough to make a difference.  Neither was the greatest scientist ever to serve in government, the last science Nobel Laureate to take an active role in politics - both as a diplomat and as an administrator of the Atomic Energy Commission - Democrat Glenn Seaborg, who oversaw and promoted the construction of about 70 of the 104 nuclear reactors that have served us so well these last decades.

    But it is too late to do anything serious about climate change, and any rhetoric emerging from this website will merely make matters even worse and more dramatic than they have proved to be in the last decade, with major grain crop failures on every continent, including our own, and with weather disaster after disaster taking place like clockwork.    

    There is absolutely no will here to open science books and journals, learn what is going on, and do something.

    I am happy that our President was reelected of course, but I note that he didn't feel it incumbent upon himself to mention, even once, climate change during the campaign.   That the other guy would have been even worse is small comfort.

    The next decade in climate is going to make the last decade look like a walk in the park.    We're only beginning to see what is coming, but largely we're still clueless.

    It's done.   We're cooked.

    Have a nice weekend.  

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